New Etihad B787-9 F1 Livery

Image credits to Arabian Business

Looks good doesn’t it? Not to mention, its also the 10th Year Anniversary livery of F1
Why do I want this livery to be added?

As we all know, we have the previous F1 Livery which is on the Airbus A340, and so why would we not have this one too? I don’t know about you guys, but I like the way it looks. (Especially the silver paint job :) )

Some details related to the aircraft according to Arabian Business:

The aircraft will participate in a low-level fly-by at the Formula 1 race on Sunday, accompanied by the airline’s Year of Zayed liveried Airbus A380.

Etihad Airways also collaborated with renowned fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg to design a special edition F1 themed scarf and tie.

The design was inspired by Yas Marina Circuit and they will be worn by the airline’s cabin crew throughout the month of November.

The same design will appear on commemorative Economy class headrests inflight during race week.

Want so see a video of it? Click the link below!
All new Etihad 787 F1 Livery

Want to see more pictures and read about it? Click the link below!

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I mean it looks pretty good, but the tail makes it look odd in my opinion for some reason.


Oh Woooow!!!
That’s one Grand Luxurious, out most Marvelous Livery.

I’m getting those Richness Vibes and Feeling 👑👌

Although I’m not a big fan of the Red color in this particular Livery, I guess it works to certain extend…


I wonder if this one goes NEOWWWWWWW as it takes off… First gear, slammed into second. DRS is activated and the gear retracted as it races away into the horizon…


Absolutely stunning. But this design is new, what are the odds that the devs will consider adding this? Firstly, it needs votes and I’m out of votes. Secondly, will they consider posts like this as “votes”?

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It does need votes. No they will not consider that as a vote. If you really want it, clear up one of your old votes 🙂


I’m clearing a vote for this. @QuarterBach you should vote for it too.

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This is unreal You have my vote


I agree, I mean since it’s the official F1 red, they probably had to use it is some capacity, but they didn’t mix it with the grey that well to me…

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It’s still a nice mixture and feels right to have it there. I’ll be adapting to actually being okay and love it the more I look at the livery, so it’s not a bother. Looks great though :)


Woah! One of the nicest livery’s I have ever seen.


I like how they muted the yellow of the original livery to make the red pop.

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😂😂😂 as an avid F1 watcher this made me giggle way too much!! clear to pass


Nothing beats the good ol’ Etihad A340 F1 Livery

Bumping this because this livery looks 🔥🔥


up up up up lets get more votes for this please :)

i love the red.

With the color of red and grey,it becomes cool and different. Maybe other airlines can choose color like this one. l am sorry l have no votes.

This livery is perfect

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You have my vote! I love Etihad Airways and F1! Those to put together is a dream!

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