New ERJ Liveries

The ERJ liveries we have are outdated and we are missing a few. Here are some that I believe could be updated or added. :)

•United Express 175
•Alaska (New livery) 175
•KLM Cityhopper 190
•American 175
•Finnair 170
•Air Canada (New) 175
•Air France 175
•Lufthansa Regional 190
•United Star Allience 175
•Aeromexico Connect 175
•HOP! by Air France 190

These are all of the liveries I can think of, but if you have anyone sure to leave a comment ;)

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It may be advisable to request for 1 feature per topic. Also, you may have to be TL2 to create a feature request. You are currently TL1. Keep contributing in a positive manner, and you’ll get there!


This should be in the Feature, and one request at a time. :/

Ok. I was referencing the entire ERJ series as one feature but I will take your advice 👍🏻