New Equipment @ CYOW | 22/03/2020

Hello Everyone!

On Febuary 22nd, I went spotting for the first time with my new camera and lens. As you know from my previous spotting topics, I used a Canon PowerShot SX520 HS. In December of 2019, I purchased a Canon 1DX Mark ll and a Sigma 150-600mm lens. I’ve also upgraded my editing software to Lightroom and Photoshop. I went planespotting along the side of Runway 25 (around the touchdown marks) off of Alert Rd. Anyways, feedback is welcomed as usual. Now let’s get into the pictures!

First off, we have an Air Canada E190 in the Old Livery rotating out to CYOW

Next up, we have an Air Canada A320 rotating out of CYOW, once again in the old livery.

One of the rarer catches of today, a Canadian North 737-600 arriving in from Halifax.

Next we have a Delta CRJ-200 departing for JFK

Probably the biggest aircraft captured today was an Air Canada A321 in the new livery arriving in from Vancouver.

And for the last shot of today, I tried getting a little creative with the angle and was able to capture the terminal in the background as well. Air Canada Rouge A319 departing in the old livery.

That was all I captured that day. Due to COVID-19, there wasn’t much action at all. I don’t know the next time I’ll be able to go spotting so hope you enjoyed these few pictures I shot with my new equipment. Stay Safe!


Great shots!

Amazing skills!

Keep it up!

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Thank You Very Much!

I ran out of likes sorry

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Wow these are incredible! Seeing a 737-600 is incredibly lucky!

I love this shot! (And the AC new livery)

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Thank You @Hymenopus_Coronatus Glad You Like The Shots :)

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Doesn’t exist but cool shots


Yep my brain stopped working again, it’s Sigma

And Thank You

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I’m a simple man. I see Air Canada, I like.


Thank You lol

aIr cAnAdA gAnG

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Great selection of photos.
Canadian North is an amazing catch

That would be Air Canada Rouge btw.

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Thank You @mike116119!

And yes, another error from my part lol

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Someone’s been saving quite a lot of money. A brand new 1D Mark 2 is hella expensive. I advise all spotters not to go out as it’s really not worth it with the poor traffic and health issues.

As for feedback, some of the pictures have too much contrast which results in the haloes (the bright lines that go around the perimeter of the object). Try to reduce the contrast in those and not overedit.


I agree. Even if there’s a special coming. It’s not worth it. I’m in a GC on insta with a bunch of clowns who think it’s ok to go spotting at this time.


I actually got it used, brand new is wayyy to expensave.

Also thank you for the feedback, I’ll take that into consideration.

I, too agree with this statement, that will probably be the last time I went in a while, don’t want to risk it.


Now these are some great photos! Despite the lack of traffic due to COVID-19, you managed to get a decent variety. The best photo, the Canadian North 737-600, although the others are good as well.

I saved the Canadian North 737 to my device, expect a PM if I ever use it.

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Thank You @Butter_Boi!

I really appreciate it


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