New England Patriots 767-300 @KPVD

Hello everyone! I recently got home from my Florida trip and I wanted to share a stunning picture I took when taxiing out for departure from T.F. Green airport on runway 5! It is one of the New England Patriot’s 767 aircraft that they use to transport themselves and the occasional guests to their road games.

I have also seen their other aircraft, between paint jobs, at Charlotte Douglas Airport. It had the red and blue base coats but lacked the team’s name and other details. Rumor has it that Robert Kraft was doing business in the Charlotte area and he took the team’s secondary 767 there as a private jet.

This plane was used to transport vaccinated healthcare workers from the New England area to the Super Bowl in Tampa, Florida, this month! The decal by the 1L door was placed there as a warm welcome to them. There is another one placed towards the rear of the aircraft.

Aircraft: Boeing 767-323
Age: 30 years (1991)
Parking Location: Pad off of taxiway Tango (SW of pax. terminal) at KPVD


6x Super Bowls, more like 6 Tom Brady’s winning the Super Bowl for the Patriots.

I’ve seen this plane a lot when they come to Buffalo to get beaten by the Bills (NFL)

Nice shot! Pats suck


Cool plane and all but they could have had two more on that plane if my giants didn’t clutch up.😎

Bills are better 🤭

Awesome pic! Glad you got to hop in the glider when you were down here

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@RTG113 @MJP_27 @DeltaFox I feel like we should keep football itself out of this so we can keep the post open lol


Nahhh let’s get it closed. Bucs for the dub 🔥

Nice shot, but i hate the Patriots! HORN‘S UP

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Go Jags ig, we kinda suck, but that’s a really cool picture!!

Go Pats.

Haters gonna hate.

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Saw this bad boy in Charlotte last year. It was around March last year.

Wouldn’t be surprised if this has something to do with that:

Great photo!


You would be correct, #RamsHouse


Yeah! I went through CLT at the end of February. Probably the same trip for Kraft!


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