New engine sounds for existing aircraft in the fleet

To be honest, after having infinite flight for a very long time I think it’s time to add some sound packs to infinite flight.
Although this would definitely be a challenge to add to IF, it is certainly something I would personally pay extra for if it was available.
Here is an example of what I mean: - YouTube
•For existing aircraft such as the A319/320/321 series (which was the sound pack in the video above) The 737 series, etc.
This also may include new flap sounds, new start up sounds (which could include the buzzing for inside the cockpit/cabin), parking brake sounds, etc.
I personally think this would add a strong amount of realism to IF.
With the TBM-930 update along with the A-10 rework, both new additions to the fleet came with new engine sounds. Let me know what you guys think below!

Great idea but someone already had the same thought. There you go: