New engine sound

GE should make a alarm clock with this…

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Nah no need… You can just get a sound of it and make it your alarm LOL

I don’t hear anything?.. Maybe because I’m on PC?

Can you try it on a mobile platform? Trust me I think there will be new sounds for this update

I would love if what you guys are saying is true!i hate how all Jets sound the same…the spooling is what am mostly interested in❤

Add with aircraft sound updates I’m guessing? I don’t think we really need different sounds for each engine, although it would be very nice. Especially when controlling ATC or making a video.

@carson a new word

i love the old washing machine sound, but i care more about

so i am for it!


I watched the Video and pulled the sound to 100% and yeah, you can here sound’s but it’s the sound of the F-16

Haha that was what I was thinking 😂

I highly doubt it’s the F-16, I’ve heard 777-200s departing on some of my plane spotting trips, and it sounds exactly like a real 772

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I love the 77W in IF when you turn your camera so that it’s facing towards the cockpit and add power. Right when you get to around 80% power, it starts to gurgle and it sounds amazing.

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I think it would be nice to have more realistic sound! :)

They did change it last year so I doubt it will be changed again so soon as it most likely takes a lot of work to do

Can’t they just search up high quality YT videos of people planepotting?

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Most or i think all high quality videos have the been recorded on board not outside…currently if doesn’t have a cabin view so it wouldn’t make sense adding cabin sounds of real plane to the exterior of that plane!I once thought of that too…Phillipe said if you can provide the sounds for him he’ll be sure to add it that’s if it’s recorded from a factory engine test at different %age in a clean environment thay online videos most likely dont have.The current airliner sounds are from a 767 i think

Making loopable sounds for an airliner is easier said than done, I have some examples of what the files need to be like if you’d like a listen


Yea, I think IF needs new engine sounds, they are all the same and bad

In my opinion we need some new sounds for the takeoff and landing to be more realistic , and with Global flight coming that will be amazing to have it.

I doubt we will get new sounds in a while. The developers have to record it from real aircraft. Plus, we recovered new sounds last year.

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