[NEW] Emirates have officially launched their premium economy seats!

If you haven’t already, check out the last topic I made a few years back, this topic was about the announcement of this seat.

Dear friends and flight simmers, the wait is finally over. Emirates have gone ahead and launched their Premium Economy class product. Before the launch, Emirates had only offered these seats to people flying economy. Essentially, they would have a first come first serve type of booking for people interested in experiencing this product. The only way to get your hands on one of these seats was at the gate or when you got onboard. However, as of today, this is not the case.

Emirates have now implemented a booking system on their website for people specifically looking to fly in Premium Economy. The only downfall of this is that they only operate their Premium Economy product on a few selected routes. What this means is that not everyone will have the chance to experience this brand new product right away.

These seats can by found on flights to:
• Paris Charles de Gaulle (EK 75 and EK 76)
• London Heathrow (EK 1, EK 2, EK 3 and EK 4)
• Sydney (EK 412 and EK 413)
• Christchurch (EK 412 and EK 413)

Pictures of the new product

Source: Emirates Airlines

The Premium Economy class cabin has a 2-4-2 configuration, optimising space as well as comfort. This cabin is located towards the front of the plane. The cabin’s cream quilted leather seats offer 40 inches of legroom as well as cushioned leg rests, adjustable pillowed headrests and a deeper recline than economy class. The seat also has a retractable wood grain table that folds out from the side, and there is a side table for placing drinks.

Along with this, there are many perks that come with the Premium Economy seat. This includes a premium in-flight dining experience with a monthly changing menu offering regional cuisine served on Royal Doulton China. Dedicated Premium Economy check-in desks in a separate part of the terminal along with business and first class passengers. And to top this all off, personally my favourite aspect of this seat, is the implementation of bluetooth in the IFE screens. This means that you are able to connect your personal headphones/earphones, such as airpods, to watch the movies you desire whilst flying onboard. The award winning ICE entertainment system that Emirates offer have an incredible selection of Movies, TV shows, News, Games as well as live sporting events.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this, if you have. I believe this new product Emirates has launched will change the course of affordable and comfortable travel for the years to come. This is truly a huge step into the future for Emirates.

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i havent even read the topic but first yay

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@ryanairlanding It’s insane right?!

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Fun fact I actually flew on this premium economy around 2 weeks ago on EK1

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@Olegend049 Lucky man!

This is what real Premium Economy should be like. I’ve flown United premium economy 3 times before and the only real perk is the recline and legroom. Food and service is the same and all of that. But THIS is what it should look like and how the premium passengers should be treated.


Emirates premium economy > American first class


Emirates have gone over the top!

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This is cool news!
Also does anybody know if there are plans to add this product to the 777-300s in the future? Also do you think we will see a return of these planes (77W) to LHR anytime in the future?

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About the 77W to Heathrow, probably only if another pandemic hits, or if the A388 goes fully out of service.

Emirates haven’t said anything about adding this product to their 77Ws, I don’t believe, however they have intact stated that it would be installed onto their new ordered fleet of 777-9Xs.

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Aww missed Auckland! Why Christchurch?


Emirates has stated they will refurbish 53 777’s to include the new premium economy cabin. Read more here:


That’s amazing!!

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