New Emirates Airbus A380

Emirates has just revealed their brand new livery which will soon be added to all aircrafts in the fleet. As of now, the first A380, A6-EOE, has just been painted in the new colours. I think it would be cool to see it on the new reworked A380 in the future!

Photo by: nsxr_ A6-EOE | Airbus A380-861 | Emirates | nsxr_ | JetPhotos

If I’m going to be completely honest, not a fan of this livery. The sharklets are the best part or addition IMO.


Yeah seems so. Don’t vote! :)

I actually like it. Their livery was needing a refresh.


Yeah me too. I like how they kept in similar as well!

Overall a nice change. The winglets look nice, and it’s a matter of time until we get used to the tail. The text shouldn’t have been made that big, though.

Also, could someone edit the title to specify it’s for the A380?


I like this livery!

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In my opinion, I prefer the old livery but I sort of like how they kept it mostly the same.

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Awesome! Be sure to vote :)

Yeah me too!

as many of you will be able to relate I’m sure I usually hate new liveries but then they grow on me
but I’m sorry to say this one looks a lot worse than the original, I think the saying “don’t fix what isn’t broken” applies here


People just have bad taste. It’s literally the same livery just added red on the wingtip fence and changed the flag on the tail, to make it look like it’s waving in the wind.



Just to get used to it, because the new livery will be gradually applied across the rest of the existing Emirates fleet and it’s expected to sport the refreshed livery by the end of 2023. Including the Boeing 777s


Its 2023 and people just love being dramatic. It is not such a drastic change just minor touches.


Really, my only complaint is the absurdly large text. Yes, the titles could’ve been bigger when we look at the old livery, but not that much.


that doesn’t imply to liveries whatsoever. Airline changes liveries once its outdated but never broken. It’s just to refresh the livery and its branding

It is also the 3rd tail design on Emirates planes since the 1990’s

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Who needs a waving flag bro they coud’ve just added the red wingtip only.


But I still hope that the devs add the new livery.

Yeah I agree. Not a big fan of the new livery

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