New email login issue

My gmail account was deleted and I have since made a new one. How can I go about switching my subscribed account to my new account?

This doesn’t have to do with Infinite Flight. Contact a Gmail Crew about that

If, however you lost IF perks, then that’s a problem. 😉

That’s exactly what I’m trying to say. I purchased the $50 subscription but that subscription is under my old gmail account that I’m no longer able to access so if possible I need my subscription to be reassigned to my new email. I do not believe gmail tech would be able to help me out there

Contact the support email.

To activate your payments and subscriptions you just log in with your new email and restore purchases with your payment system.

This should give you all your previous regions, aircraft & if you have a live subsciption. Make sure to do each separately.

Apart from that getting your Live history back will have to be taken up by the support team :)

Happy Landings!