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Hey there!

I am going to write my own eBook about IF. I will include detail about APPR, autopilot, aircraft and routes. I am looking for people to contribute ideas and suggestions on how to make this eBook the most informative IF eBook possible. This book will be released on Amazon and Kobo.



Sounds good. How much will it cost (if at all)?

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There have been a few people who have attempted it , i believe you will have a issue with copy right if you are profiting of it ?


Hmm… Maybe he’ll have to check with the devs first

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I am going to have to seek permission to use imagery and the name but it should be fine.

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Do you know if you’re going to charge for it?

At first 99cents or 99p but if there is high demand I may charge $1.49

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Just wondering what eBook platform do you use:

  • Kobo
  • Amazon

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iBooks. Also be sure to get your info checked to ensure it is 100% realistic before you publish.

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I’m against the reading of any book


Yeah I’m gonna select some people to check out the book before I publish it. That’s why I want to use Amazon and Kobo as it is self-published. iBooks isn’t as far as I know…

Meh, it’s just not your cup of tea. No offence taken :)

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Wow, I spaced out there. I meant book, LEL

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Maybe consider writing it with someone because doing this by yourself will be hard including school and the time taking

Yeah definitely! Thanks for the help :)

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