New easier rudder command idea (#features)

Hi guys,

When I’m landing in crosswind and I need to use the rudder to align the runway, I struggle to click and drag on the RUD button because, in the same time, I have to constantly turn left and right to make a good landing.

So the point of this topic is:
It would be nice move the rudder with a rotation of the device like you can see down below!

[This is a simple drawing by me]

In my opinion this new way would be easier than now”
What do you guys think?


So this is a feature request?

I guess so, I cannot move it though. Getting a 500 error.


Yeah me to.

I don’t struggle. It’s honestly not that hard. You can’t just couple the ailerons and the rudder. Now that would be hard. You would end up side slipping every time.

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Even me. I wouldn’t like this very much

@philippe is this because of the recent changes to the category? This is the first topic after the change you made


I don’t know if it is now possible. A few years back, I suggested to do this device movement to “look sideways” in the cockpit, making turns in the cockpit view way more easier. The developers replied saying that it wasn’t possible (don’t remember why)

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I wouldn’t tag Philippe, I would look into posting the error in #meta.

This is a good idea although I don’t have any issues per say with the current rudder

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Buy a joystick. It costs 40 $ and you can find it in any tech store. I bought it thinking it was not going to work, but after having it, installing live flight connect, it really changes the way you fly, easy to set up and has the rudder feature, as well as close to 20 buttons, and a throttle. I got the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro and it works great, really good investment. There is also a post Laura did explaining this it´s called Joystick Support for Infinite Flight.
The idea you proposed isn´t bad, but it will likely not happen, and i can see that the joystick use is going to catch on, it truly is that good.

I like it:-D

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I think that wouldn’t be possible because most devices gyro sensors don’t detect movements on the Z axis

Well, IF is a game for mobile devices, so buying an external joystick doesn’t make part of the game but it would be a solution

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It is possible but won’t be very good. The gyro/accelerometer in your device can certainly detect this but there is drift without a more absolute reference like gravity in the Z axis.


It´s been part of the Sim since Laura made it possible and it changed the way i use Infinite Flight. Yes it is for mobile devices but adding on the joystick makes it that much better

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Not too sure I can follow…

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