New Dublin Airport Plane Spotting Video Out!

Alright guys, so after the previous spotting page I posted a couple of days ago, Dublin Airport: A Haven of A330s, here’s another Dublin Airport plane spotting video but this time only arrivals. So much of diverse planes I spotted featuring the A359, A333s, A320s, B787, B777s B767s, B757s, B737s and more.

From the previous post mentioned, I discovered that you lot favoured the Aer Lingus A333 (EI-EIK) the most followed the Ethiopian A359 being second and the KLM E295 in third.

Anyways please take the time to indulge on the video. Bit of banter here and there so yeah. Timeline is in the description in case anyone feels bored.


Lovely spotting!

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Thank you!

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