New Documentation Website

Hey everyone!

We’ve just launched our new official documentation website. It’s a great new resource to help you get the most out of Infinite Flight, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran pilot.

We will be building on this framework as time goes on with more guides for other advanced features of Infinite Flight. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see!

Finally, a special thanks to @RAH who has helped us write these new docs!


That’s really cool - thanks guys!

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That’s super well done! It looks like it took a lot of hard work.

You guys never fail to impress. Keep up the amazing work!

This is why IF is the best mobile sim out there. It’s hardly a competition!


Amazing work! Thanks guys!

Now if only everyone who complains about Vios read this


That’s awesome, thanks for the hard work you guys put into it!

Just one issue:

On the “Pilot User Interface” section - all of the articles in that section have the same image :)

Edit: It’s changed now

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This is really well done, thanks guys!

It will help so many people (including myself), I can’t wait to see it improve and expand overtime!

Great work! Although, from a marketing perspective, I think you should really change thisimage
‘Multiple regions’ may make someone who is interested in purchasing the sim a bit confused, because there aren’t any regions (unless non-pro). Instead say something like ‘Global HD satellite imagery’


am I only who knows all the functions and features? :D
but thanks for the update

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Great ! Sounds very cool ✈️🔥

Good for you :) But there are many new users who don’t and this will help them get familiarized with the app a lot quicker.


This is great y’all! IF has become much more user friendly with this and the new controls on the app. Keep up the good work!

am sure they all will know after few months of flying
but yeah the docs def help

@schyllberg when I click on the link posted by Cameron it does not work. Is it just me?

I’m pretty sure the site just went down lol. This looks great and will help many beginners get started!

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It’s getting too much love… we’re looking into it :)


Ok cool, hope it’s back soon.

Instructions unclear. Now inverted

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it won’t seem to load for me? anyways good job!

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Link doesn’t work??? I can’t use it

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