New diagnostic mode?

I just discover this feature on the Settings.
Did I miss something ?

Looks like a useful tool.
But when the app is crashing, everything is saved in the log then we are able to send it?

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This is probably one part that got wrong with the iOS release yesterday. Diagnostic mode is only for people actually having issues etc.


If you have an issue that couldn’t be solved FDS will ask you to turn it on and reproduce the bug so they can see what’s happening

Thanks sir i already know what is the point of this feature.


It’s been there for a while now.
There is something weird going on though. I’ve checked two devices and found it’s turned on by default.
Should that be the case?
Should it be made into a support issue?

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The members of IFATC was asked to turn it on a while ago due Some bugs, but Everything can just ignore it. And let it off.

Wow I have never seen this

That has been there for at least more than a year.

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I’ve been missing out on all this! Why did they release a new update?

Whatever it is, don’t turn it on.

You won’t get global using that anyways

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