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Hey guys,

Today as my game crashed again before I was able to press the Pushback button, I did also crash my silly Samsung Galaxy S3 on the ground. So now I need a new device for Infinite Flight and I as I dont know much about the reccomended specifications for a device able to play Infinite Flight Live, I decided to ask you what I should buy, as I bought everything for Infinite Flight over Google Play, I exclude the Idea to buy a Tablet with an iOS or Windows System.

So: The first tablet I found on Amazon is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A with 2GB RAM, I will only install infinite flight and upload a few songs. Do you think this still will me make me able to play Infinite Flight Live without the game lagging or crashing on the max perferences?

And I think as the Video Recording function is only available on tablets, will the Galaxy Tab A provide the recording function? Because I found things about the video recording in my S3 Settings but definetly not the record button in the menu.

I would be grateful for your help.



I know that for the game to not lag and to also have settings on the highest you need a more enchanced device like a iPad Air 2, so with the Samsung I doubt you will achieve that unless you lower the quality of the textures. How much is this tablet out of question?

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The S3 was quite an old device - 2012? Anyhow, it may have been the version of Android which you were using which stopped you recording.

I know Android 6 Marshmallow let’s you record… I think Android 5 Lollipop let’s you record too. Android 4 Kitkat 4.4 and below didn’t support the screen recording last time I checked.

My honest advice if you are on a budget is to get a refurbished or second hand device which is high / mid level spec, rather than a brand new low level spec.

The Android tablets leave a lot to be desired these days. Having owned Apple and Android devices, I’d get an iPad. They run more smoothly and just play games nicer than most Android tablets.

The last Android tablet I really liked was the Google Pixel C - but that is still expensive.

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Personally, I use my phone, galaxy s7 edge and don’t experience any lag with max settings. Also, IF in game recording is currently not supported, but every Samsung phone now has game launcher pre installed and this allows you to record any game in game without opening an external app.

I use an ipad pro 12.9 and i would recommend it
I have everything on max and it doesn’t lag

It’s clear he wants a cheaper device so I haven’t bothered suggesting even a iPad Air so don’t bother suggesting a device three times the cost of a Air 😂

Well Guys, I checked the iPadAir 2 but as I said. I have to use android because I cant transfer my purchases from Android to iOS.

Anyway would be the Samsung Galaxy Tab S a great device for infinite flight live?

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