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Hi, can I play Infinite flight global on iPad without lags?



Some iPads can run Infinite Flight without any problems. If you could tell us what iPad you mean, then we will be able to answer your question. :)


Check this quality thread:

There’s a bunch of info what each device can handle… Including the iPad! :)


I meant Apple iPad 2017


Should be fine. I Recently bought the latest iPad from Apple and it works amazingly. :)
As long as it’s modern and the iOS is up to date, should be fine. My 2016 Iphone 7 runs it well also, graphics on the highest.
Best of luck


I play IF on the iPad 2017 as well, it works perfect. I have everything on (very) high.


Thanks for the quick reply and thank you for the advice :-)


The iPad 2017 will work perfectly with it. You can’t go wrong with any new iPad.


Seriously? Thanks :-)


Yes I do, It works perfect also with night flights


I am using iphone 7 plus and its working very well … and am planning to bought an iPad … any advices ??


Yes any new iPad will work perfectly. I would definitely recommend buying one


No, not exactly. I have an iPad mini 2, and I run low graphics and still get low frames. I recommend buying an iPad that has came out within the last year.


New iPad does not refer to iPads released 5 years ago


Sorry, didnt see the “new”


I have an iPad mini 4 and it world perfectly with infiniteflight. No problems. No lag. Beautiful device.


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