New device recommendations

Hey I’m jt0603 heavy and I fly on a android tablet however I’m very interested in getting something better to fly with and not sure at all where to start I’ve seen the videos of home simulators but not sure that I could afford or even have the knowledge to put one together any body have any ideas that could point me in the right direction

You mean like a Joystick?

Purchase an iPad Air 2 or an iPad Pro. Moving from Android to Apple will be a life changer, trust me. ;)


Yes or really a yoke and peddels

In short what are the differences because I’ve herd tht from other people two?

Apple is way more expensive but supposedly has better graphics and processing.


In my opinion Apple has better graphics and is much more faster and more reliable than android. Take a quick search on Google to find out the differences.


Do you know anything about yokes and peddels?

My iPhone 6 runs IF very well, with all high quality settings. Yes, a phone can handle IF AMAZINGLY.

I recommend Apple products. Fast, can handle high quality, what else is there to say?

Only thing I can say is that with the iPhone 6, on high graphics, if there’s like 30 aircraft at one airport (and you just happen to be there), it’s gonna lag a bit. Everything should be fine after you depart that airport though. :)


Most of the users on this forum have a Air 2 or a Air and some lucky ones have the pro all are good but I would recommend the pro, I have the air 2 and it’s great so for future proofing sakes pay more and it will last longer as the air 2 is already 2 years old


iPad pro bro.


Good and pedals are helpful, but cost a lot and take up a lot of space. The simulator that you use them for has to be technologically advanced for them to work well. They are used mostly for pc sims.

I am an android user but I would recommend an I phone or higher end I pad. If your going to Android I recommend a galaxy s7 or a one plus 3

I have a Nexus 6P. (You know… The real deal from Google…) I highly recommend it. High settings and no lag at all! It’s less expensive that any iPhone or iProduct. If you can’t afford that, get the Nexus 5X (Also the real Deal from Google itself…) I tried it on there and it had no lag at all with high settings! I’d you really want a reliable and amazing Android product. Don’t go with the crappy $50 Android phones you get from your phone carrier. Get the real deal from Google who made Android itself.

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I got an iPad Pro 9.7 yesterday!!! It’s crazy fast!!! IF works beyond spectacular!

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Two Android devices that have no issues on max settings:

Galaxy S7
Nexus 9 tablet

I (and the devs) have both and they have been excellent for IF.


iPad Air 2 is one of the best. It is the least buggy

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Samsung tab pro runs IF very well far better than Ipad air 2 speaking from experience.

I’ve got a 6 too. It’s amazing with IF! Fully recommend it!

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Would say Air 2 or an Pro 9.7. 😊 (Air 2 user myself) if its Android, i heard good things about nexus phones 😊👍