New Device Issues

I just got a new phone, the Samsung Galaxy On5. Everything in IF appears far larger than it should. The buttons on the home screen, along with some buttons on flight don’t even fit on the screen. I have an active live subscription and I can’t use it! :( please help

Did you try reducing the size of the buttons on the menu?

I’m not able to take screenshots and I wish I could ugh…The settings button is buried behind other ones so I’m not able to click on it

Why not? Try taking one by pressing the middle button and the on/off button.

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Thank you @Swordfish! Here’s what it looks like:

I can’t find the button size command on the configuration page. Can’t help you, sorry.

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It’s okay at least you tried. The guy at the phone store said that since it’s a newer phone and IF might have trouble running on it, that it might be an issue to take up with the devs…

How big is the screen?

5 inch display. It’s bigger than my old phone.

It might be that. But if other people fly in tablets, I don’t know why you have that button size.

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Delete IF and re download it? Or reboot your phone


I did both and they didn’t work… should I bother tagging Laura to see if she can help?

Ask David.

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lol actually I did, I’m just waiting for a response

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yea it would help


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I have the galaxy on5 too and it looks terrible I couldn’t even choose the plane I wanted to fly

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Pretty sure the app needs a hotfix for that issue…sounds like it’s a app sided problem…

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Me too. I really don’t know why it’s happening to you. I reported it to our GUI guy, and I’m waiting to see if there’s anything that can be done. I haven’t replied again, because I honestly have no new info. Sorry.

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No worries. I actually found a way to use my old phone 😉