New device issue

Hello ifc,
I purchased a new device today, and I’m trying to load in for the first time. But it’s staying on the loading flight screen. I checked my internet connection and it’s all good. What should I do?

Can you let us know which device you are using? And are you using a wifi connection?

I am using a Samsung tab s5e

Did you purchase the game through the play store? And have you tried reinstalling it to see if that fixes the problem?

I am trying to re install it now. I bought it through the store, and I’m just installing it on a new device

Ok let us know if that fixes it.

I has the same issue.

Are you using a mobile network or wifi connection?

I am using wifi

It is still doing it

So it is not loading after you select an aircraft? Or when you enter the app?

Re-installing fixed my issue.

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Thats great to hear.

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After I select an aircraft and try and load in. Now it’s doing it on my phone now

Run a speedtest and let me know what your results are:



I noticed an increase in errors on one of the tile server just now and have switched the traffic around. It should improve from now on.


Ok thank you @schyllberg

Just received some refreshed stats as well, it looks good! All the errors are gone.

Should I uninstall and reinstall @schyllberg

No need. Just try again. As schyllberg stated, it should be fixed.