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Hi all I had an account on my previous Iphone 10, ive since got the new iphone 12 and downloaded the app and paid for a months pro but have lost all my data, shows me as being a new member and gone from Grade 3 to grade 1 !!!

How do I get all my old records back ?

Took me years to get that far ?


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Can you please try logging out and logging back in with your previous account, so either with


Have you logged in with the same: Google, Facebook account?

I think so!! It has my same username !! Did all data get removed on moving to pro do you know !! So strange !!

  1. Internet Connection established?
  2. Close and restart App ( full close) and try again
  3. Logout and log back in from account.

You should eventually get your stats back since all data is stored.

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Just says this account is not linked to an infinite flight pro subscription ?? (Error code 1)

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