New device!! Help

Hello guys, I’m seeing that in the lates flights my IPad crushes quite often (I have to keep graphics to low to avoid that), so I’m asking u (‘cause Christmas is getting near) what should I buy. Actually I have an IPhone 6 and an old IPad Air, I thought it was better to change the IPad cause there I can have a really better experience in IF. I want to know what device (it’s better an apple device) should I buy (not really expensive) but that could run IF at the max graphics and can connect a joystick too. Thanks

Well, I have an iPad Mini 4. It runs super smoothly with all high graphics. It can connect to a joystick. And it doesn’t overheat on long flights with chargers, super good for IF!

Thank u. Do u know the price?

Well, I just looked on Amazon for the price. Do you want it new I’m assuming? Or do you want renewed for cheaper.

New would be better

Well, it’s $384 USD.

You can also check this out and then look up the prices 👍

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Ok thanks! Cause I looked at the iPad Pro 2019 but it’s too expensive

Thank u!!!

Of course! If you have any other questions about the iPad mini 4 just shoot me a PM :)

Sure!!! Thanks

Anytime mate! (Ran out of likes 😢)


So this means your iPad keeps getting crushed and so you keep going out and buy new one but it is still getting crushed? 😂😂

I’d say a more recent version of an iPad Pro would do great with IF but if that is too much I find that my iPad gen 5 works just fine

I use an iPad gen 6 and have no problems.

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