New Device for Infinite Flight

Hello Infinite Flight Community,
I’ve decided to acquire a new device (tablet) but I want to make sure that I get one that runs infinite flight well. So I thought who better to ask than you guys. I have made a poll of devices I am considering which only includes Apple and Samsung but feel free to comment other devices that you have found to be quite good.

  • Ipad Pro
  • Ipad Air 2
  • Ipad Mini 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A

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Get the iPad pro or iPad Air2. Those are your best bets in my opinion.


iPad Air 2. Portable and extremely smooth.

I’m using an iPad 3

Android over all IMO. Early updates and compatibility along with easy connection to other sources.

Check out Nvdia Shield :-)

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IF flies beautifully on the iPad Pro. The Pro is also an almost-laptop-replacement, with great real estate and power.

No iPad pro that thing is to big to steer in your hands
The iPad air 2 is light and you can steer very good
So chose the iPad air 2

The iPad Pro is great in every aspect.
The screen is great and so is the image quality.
It is a bit heavy but the size is more like the size of a real yoke than the Air (2).
It may take longer for updates to arrive but iOS is much more stable than Android.
So iPad Pro FTW! :)


Don´t get a Samsung! :)

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I can certainly recommend the iPad Mini. It is the perfect size IMO, as it is comfortable and light to hold and you can easily use your thumbs to use the controls with. It is also nice and easy to control on.

The iPad Air 2 allows you to run everything on full without any lag and I expect the iPad pro would to, I would not recommend the iPad mini as I find it too small and not as powerful as the the iPad Air and pro

If you’re going down the android route the Nvidia Shield is your best bet. It matches and in some cases outperforms the iPad Air 2 and is half the price.

Nvidia shield, runs max settings with very high planes, fragile screen though, be careful with your raging when you crash after a 2 hour flight


The iPad Pro is in a league of its own. Well worth the extra investment of money. I recall from Matt’s instagram account he is in love with his and will be adding support from it soon.

And aside from playing IF, it’s a wonderful device for productivity and media.

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I really want the iPad pro as it looks amazing but I have an iPad Air 2 so it would be ungrateful of me to upgrade when it’s still a pretty new device, I will wait for the pro 2

Thanks guys for your responses. I will most likely be getting the iPad pro now.


IF looks gorgeous on Apple Watch - full graphics:)


Just get it on the Gear VR, wonderful

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If you were planning on getting an iPad Air for whatever reasons I would suggest waiting as Apple most likely will announce an new one this month