New Device Crash

I just got a new device:

iPad Air 4th Generation

I have a stable connection.
Above 30GB of storage left
AntiAliasing On
Limit Frame Rate on
Airplane count Very High

1 hours and 41 mins into my flight, the screen totally froze, and I couldn’t do anything. I came home after it froze, and when I started to tap on the screen nd came out and in to the app it just crashed.

My device has just been released last month, and already on my 3rd flight a crash. Please explain.

Just because you have the newest device - doesn’t mean you won’t have app crashes. Where were you flying?

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US, Specifically in Washington and Oregon, around that area. I was doing the Among Us crewmate FPL.

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Which Aircraft?

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Citation X

Ok that doesn’t sound like its a live cockpit issue then. I recommend just turning your graphics settings down in cruise. I do this on my iPad Pro (2020 version) and this helps reduce app crashes significantly.

ok i guess i will try that

Still kinda disappointed tho…

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Resource depletion which is most likely the cause of this, can happen at any time with any device.
Restart more often. There’s few apps out there that are so resource intensive as Infinite Flight is and are used for such extended periods of time.


Ok, I didn’t restart before the flight and I think I had Google in the Background. Thanks for the help.