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Hi. This time is my summer break, so I can take a long-haul flight. But in September, I’ll go to school, and I’ll have to use my phone for study, so that I can’t fly long-haul routes anymore. I’m planning to buy a new iPad to play IF max settings for 2 years, and I’m wondering between the iPad Air 5 and iPad Air 6. Do u think the Air 5 can play smoothly with max settings for 2 years?

Yes! I’ve had my iPad air 5 for a while now. And it runs great on max settings and doesn’t overheat!

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Thanks! Maybe I won’t wait for the iPad Air 6 :D

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The Air 5 came out in Spring 2022. The last 3 iPad Airs have all been released around 18 months apart, so based on that we could probably expect the Air 6 to be released this coming autumn.

However, I use the Air 5 and it still runs IF like a dream. I would recommend trying to find one at a good deal.

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