New Deny Entry Command

The Issue:
One of the biggest annoyances for controllers, especially approach controllers like me, is when we have a nice sequence that is working perfectly then we see those few pilots who think they can get service if they take off less than 25NM away from that one main hub airport. Recently I have been denying this traffic because we should not be encouraging this especially when it’s extremely busy. It doesn’t just ruin the rest of the pilots’’ experience who have been patient but ruins the controller’s experience as well.

What I Suggest We Should Do:
I believe one of the easiest workarounds is that we should get a new deny entry command specifically for this issue considering how common it is. During a one hour session, I may encounter up to 15 pilots trying to takeoff very close by. The new deny entry command can be something like the following:

“Local Traffic and Short Hops are not permitted at this time. Please arrive from a farther airspace.”

Why Not Use Other Deny Entry Commands?
The reason I believe this new command is needed is that the current ones don’t help our case of informing the pilot of what they are doing is wrong. “Airport Is Full” doesn’t tell a pilot much and most of the time they don’t understand why the airport is “full” especially when there are pilots being vectored in. This command will help pilots understand what they are doing wrong and hopefully, in turn, make them stop taking off right beside a major hub airport.

Great Request Mathew! Although I’m not IFATC yet, I see this quite a lot as a pilot coming inbound into a major airport. You have my vote 👍


Would doing a flight from KEWR to KPHL be ok? I think it’s like 70 nm.

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Yea that should be fine, I think he means something sort of like LGA-JFK @Kate_Russell

I think this is a nice idea, I usually don’t control major airports in IFATC as I like a relaxing session, but I see where this can come in handy for many of the bigger airports. Nice request :)


This is great! This will make the job for IFATC much easier since they are able to control 20 planes at once 😱

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Bumped, it’ll help IFATCs a lot.


We really need to add this. Today we literally had people taking off from KSJC and requesting to land at KSFO. Like come on now.

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Yep I voted, much needed

I know that this is a thing with ES IFATC, but the rule itself has a problem. Let’s say I do a long flight to KEWR, only to get a fuel emergency and land in JFK because of heavy atc traffic. Do I now have to fly to another airport befoee I can land at Newark? (I belive my VA actually requires me to fly directly to Newark)

No, that’s not really what all is about. Just if there is ATC and if it’s busy, depart the airspace until reaching a certain altitude (probably FL150-180) and contact approach not before you have enough distance between yourself and the destination to make their job easy, even though it may complicate your positioning flight and makes it less realistic this would help ATC a lot from my understanding.