New Delta Virtual

ask @MrDeltaPilot

Good Luck from the International Cargo Group

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Is this still active

I sent an application about a week ago, so I’m wondering the same thing


I wouldn’t waste your time on any VA who don’t have the curtesy to respond to your application within 72hrs , I think it is safe to say this VA is inactive ! 😕


@NEO maybe have a look into this

I do not know if the arline is still active even though I am Co-CEO the CEO is currently active though this is why I resigned.

This is to everyone. If you create a VA, please stick to it. If it isn’t getting members, create some events, make some staff positions, open up new regions all to drive in interest in your VA! That’s how all of the current VA’s have become so successful. They all started with one or two pilots, and now have grown to over a hundred, because they have put effort into it for a long time.


@MrDeltaPilot @Vietnam_Virtual Please PM me and we’ll discuss this further.

Delta VA. Is now back, and will not stop any more.

If you’re the CEO , you need to be TL2 ( member) to start and run a VA …

L3gal rapaiz…

Huh , in English please ! Haha

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Did you receive my application? I sent it over 2 weeks ago. I also kindly sent you a message on here as well. I sincerely hope to hear from you soon.

Tomorrow, I will read all applications

What does this mean ? I’m still waiting … haha

Analytical breakdown… L3 he’s saying he’s a regular. “Gal” he’s calling you a female. “Rapiaz” he’s speaking some foreign languege.
Your welcome (sarcasm on this post for those who can’t tell)

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I am afraid tomorrow is too late you have an inactive Virtual Airline and you need to sort yourself out now.

Running a virtual airline isn’t a joke. If you can’t hack it drop it and free up the airline for someone else to do.


It’s no joke, it’s a serious thing that needs to be fun and organised at the same time, great point you make @Thomas_Oehrling


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