New Delta Virtual


Hello! I and @MrDeltaPilot are happy to say that Delta VA is done! We are recruting pilots for our VA!

Our Hubs: KLAX AND KSAN (Southern California)
We in this moment have routes only in Southern Califórnia area.

President: @MrDeltaPilot
Co President: @Vietnam_Virtual
Chief Pilot: -
Event Manager: @MrDeltaPilot

More informations in our website!

Our Website


Good luck on your VA!

thank you!

Good luck from Redwings!

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good luck with this VA. I have been looking for a delta VA, and its great to see that i have found one that looks extremely professional. Hope to be accepted. Questions: Do we always need an active live subscription? Can we be a pilot for another VA and this VA?

Thank you.

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Thank you =D

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Hello from United Virtual

Good luck from Vietnam Virtual

Cheers from EasyJet!

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Thanks you very much. I Hope im THE best Pilot.

Hello!! =D

Thank You =D

Thank you Sam =)

Good luck @Vietnam_Virtual

Thank you xD

Can I be Chief pilot??

Nice to hear from you! How is the airline going?

Good our website is somewhat done and we should be able to start oprerations soon

Wich host did you use for the website