New Delhi Airport is buggy in the Expert Server

I’ve just tried to land at New Delhi 3 times 2 on runway 29 and once at runway 28 and every time my plane keeps falling through the runway, the ground at the airport was not solid and very buggy my internet and the Global connection was good I have picture below to prove the go around and what happened when I tried to land.

By the looks of it, you’ve encountered a fairly common issue of falling through the ground. To fix it, you can head into your in-game settings, more specifically the general tab, and then clear your scenery cache.


The issue though is why do we have to resort clearing the scenery cache when this issue asrises?

The scenery cache contains the terrain and airport surfaces and information. Sometimes there can be a corrupted download and it needs to be cleared to redownload a cache without the corrupt area.

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Because the issue is that the airport just for you did not load properly. Could be network related, could be other factors. The scenery cache rebuilds it for you.

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