New dawn to become a reality very soon?

Just 4 days ago Laura replied to a topic called “New trailer” here’s the reply…

In that reply she says that is gonna look and be obsolete.Oh course the first think that came to my mind is “a new dawn”.I’m thinking about this because a new dawn is related to graphics.Global flight would make a difference,but it wouldn’t make as big of a difference as a new dawn.

Tell me what you think


I think she is Talking about the trailer, Sorry for misunderstanding ;)


I didn’t mention any dates.I mentioned what Laura said

No dates where mentioned it was just something he mentioned now for what I think I don’t know

Please read the whole post before replying. Thank you

I wouldn’t speculate but I found it odd that the other day there was a IFAE event in Hawaii two days ago that circumnavigated all around Hawaii.

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Maybe it’s a new terrain texture or like you said “a new dawn”. I don’t think it will be 3D buildings, I’m nearly 100% sure.


Yes,3d building would be very hard to code in and it would lag out certain old devices


They’ve said before that buildings would be a huge memory requirement, larger than GF would require.

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Link of post please

What? I didn’t said anything was confirmed, just speculating…

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I think Laura needs to explain to you guys what she means ;-)

I think she does 😃

Laura is in vacation now. Please leave her some days. She does a great IF update the 4 last months please consider she will Just take a little brake :)

Anyway, keep an eye on his IG :)


A new dawn is in relation with Global Flight… It’s pretty much one and the same, in my opinion.

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