New Crash Noises?

I was flying on the Solo Server, and decided to try and go as fast as I could on the ground (don’t judge). Obviously, I crashed. But I did notice, are there new crash noises? Or is it just extreme self isolation kicking in…


Appears to be the latter. Haven’t heard about any new crash noises besides the old ones.

nah its still the old ones. just tried

I believe there’s two crash sounds that are within the sim. There may be 3. Both are a bit similar.


All I’m hearing are the same sounds. Nothing has changed here

Well then, I guess its just me being tired, or the fact that I haven’t crashed in a while. It just seemed like there was new noises because I always remember hearing the explosion like sound, and then the breaking glass like sound, but I thought I heard some others. Stay safe everyone! This can be closed now…

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