New crash animation

For a while now the crash animation for when you crash of course has always been a clear gray screen saying ‘Crashed’ and coming up with a few options for what to do next e.g. end flight. What would be nice is that if they created a new crash animation where there is an explosion and a broken plane then coming up with the normal options for when you crashed because it has been the same thing for ages. So it would be nice to have a change.

This has been brought up before but it’s likely not going to happen out of respect for real life crash victims.


I agree with @anon79257371, and also, if this will be visible to other players there will most likely be trolls diving and crashing into other people, causing mayhem in the airports.


Yeah that would be annoying it they can program it to be just so you just see it

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This won’t happen, sorry

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