New country descriptions and PRO

Can you only do monthly instead of 1/2 year and full year subscription and are these new to 21.6
I have noticed that on most airports below the name they have the country listed as well.

Yep, welcome to 21.6

So monthly is the only option now?

The yearly and 6 month subscriptions are still available along with the monthly.

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Yup. Im also in the same boat… That is a $40 increase for those who bought the yearly subscription

Look on the user guide, they removed the 6 month and 12 month options in 21.6

Currently, it’s still available on the app store (IOS) and there is still 3 options for a pro subscription in-app. I suggest we wait for a moderator / staff response here about the User Guide thing.

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However, this only applies to new subs

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So we good! Yay

I see, thanks for that, at least we’ll be able to keep our subscriptions if you already currently have one.

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is this AUD?

That is USD.

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