New controller accountability is everyone's responsibility

Hey all, as you know… We have really began to pick up the pace with adding new controllers. As we streamline this process, the ATC Committee also loses a little bit of the ability to really scrutinize each one. Many more hands are in the pot, testing them on the playground server, asking questions, etc.

That being said, I don’t get to interact with each one individually so that’s where we need YOU ALL to give direct feedback to myself or Dan if any new additions aren’t cutting it or aren’t what they claimed to be (this has happened before). We will uphold our high standards and preserve the high level of excellence that this group has worked so hard to establish. If anyone isn’t able to maintain the standard, they are subject to removal or demotion.

To those that are sacrificing so much of their time to quiz and assess these users, THANK YOU. We have successfully added nearly 40 users since the iOS release.


Well said, Tyler. Let me know how I can help! My work schedule makes it hard sometimes but always willing to do what I can, like work with a candidate or test something new.

@Tyler_Shelton I have some time everyday where I can’t ATC (iPad is charging, etc…) Would be glad to help with the theory part ;)

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Let me know if I can help.