New "Contact Ground" Instruction?

Has there been a change to the old “contact ground on the taxiway” instruction? I just got tripped up at JFK because the phrase was “Turn Left and Contact Ground”. I had to cross an active runway so I’m used to exiting the runway and then waiting for tower to tell me to cross. Is this because Tower and Ground freqs are being run separately? Someone fill me in. Thanks!


Tower and Ground are two seperate frequencies that can be manned by either one or two people.

Its not necessary that tower always will give you a crossing instruction along with exit runway command.

Yes, that wasn’t the question.

I’m sure its not. But thats how it has been done in the past in my experience.

Oh sorry I couldn’t figure out what you were trying to find out.

There are two guys on tower and ground so tower is jus sending exit rwy command and ground is handling crossing🙃

Well glad I know now. Don’t know how I managed to never do this in my years on the sim yet.

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