New Conduct (?) category for the growing amount of topics about user issues on PG!

I noticed the amount of topics and posts about trolls, peanuts (or whatever users that are misbehaving on PG are called) is growing rapidly.
Maybe a new category should be made so the issues and ideas about how to solve them can be found in one place.
I have no idea what to call it yet though, 'cause it’s a complex topic. ‘Conduct’ is the best I came up with.
It has to do with users, bad behavior, rules, consequences, earning XP, the grading system, mods, reporting, ghosting, etc.
So if anyone can come up with a good name, an extra category might help clear up the forum a bit and prevent multiple topics about the same huge problem.


Pretty good idea !

Maybe we could call it the Issues Category ( Couldn’t come up with a better name ) …

I’m having the same problem.
Issues could also be bugs, so that might be confusing.

Conduct, maybe?


Yeh that could do too !

I think we should focus more on the advanced server for now. Posts about the playground always just end in “well, it’s the playground”. So no point to most of those posts at all.


That sounds like giving up.
I think, with some effort we can make PG a better place and I’m willing to invest time and energy to do so.

or one only topic when we can talk about this, dont open 10000 topics a day regarding the same issue : Bad PG ATC

Maybe people should stop whining about PG. It’s not a great server so why do people expect it to become the next adv server?

Yes ATC gave you bad instructions, but that was because you were on the PG server.

Yes that pilot did a barrel roll over LAX, but that was because you were on the PG server.

Yes that pilot taxies into other users, but that was because you were on the PG server.

If you don’t like it, then there’s the advanced server. The server and the effort poured into it exists for a reason.

Prevention has been discussed for a long time, it’s up to the devs to chose one option or to make a fresh one.

Maybe it could be “issues” following under the “live” category?

Yes but the whole point is that SHOULDNT have pilots doing barrel rolls on PG Server…that’s what Free Flight is for. Yes you do get bad ATC but that is because people are learning how to use ATC instructions. Have also had some really good ATC on PG server.

Agree a category does need to be created in order to contain those posts in one area…same for VAs, keeps things nice and tidy!

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I totally disagree.
How come people expect others to misbehave on PG?
That’s what FF is for, right?
PG should be a better place than it is now.
There aren’t enough controllers on the Advanced Server.
I wouldn’t mind helping out controllers on PG that want to learn, but as long as the situation is like it is now with PG, I, like many others, will stay away from PG.
I don’t think that’s what PG was set out to be. It’s what it has become. A server to avoid.
That should be changed.

Oh and I don’t appreciate that people who want to change this for the better are considered to be whining.


Also, think about what happens when you want to control but you’re not advanced atc, you get BAD practice. Playground is like training for advanced, not a place where we should let everything go. I can understand how there will always be trolls, but we need to reduce the amount of them fast.