New Company

After 2 years and a few months I’ve been thinking about changing company.
I’ve always been Air France and very rarely have I used a different aircraft than the A380.
But looking at the lists I saw that some companies have planes with a difference of up to 3 more.
And the majority that I just like for the panel to be more beautiful and better finished. I’m thinking about it.
Air France to British Airways.
af0 if01 iforba

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Are you a member of a VA?

VA I don´t understand???

I always find it really cool how someone can stick to a certain aircraft and livery throughout their time here on IF. Although you don’t always get to enjoy the other aircraft; you fly as if you were an actual pilot for Air France for their A380’s and I find that extremely neat!

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Thank you, I’ve installed some things from Air France to make it more real.
I have the voices of boarding and other more, but it makes me sad not to have other better aircraft in the company.
In two years I went around the globe with the A380 Brazil to Japan, Dubai and always long and longer journeys.

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The good thing is that you get a great experience because it is always the same aircraft.
And I’ve been through many situations with this plane.
So if i change it will be British for having the A380 in the lista.


When you said that you just flew with AF, I thought you were part of AFKLM VA.
VA= virtual airline

How stable does IF run in Bluestacks?

I was never invited
And I do not even know if there is a virtual AF.
It would be cool to have wing friends.
I’m 2 and 4 months old in the AF

Looks very stable, I give it note 8 out of 10
There are some things that I’m still testing, and there are things I need to respect as scales.
Like I’ve never used a cell phone, I confess I do not know if certain things are normal.

Yes Air France has many aircraft in IF



Compare this with British and you’ll see what I said.
3 more for BA

No need for an invite just find their thread in #live:va and most things should be explained there.

If you have any questions just ask the community.

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I going look
thank you