New community rules

I don’t believe that you shouldn’t have to be a certain level in order to get more votes or to do a feature request. This is because it isn’t fair to have to earn the right to do these things or get more votes because we all pay the same amount of money for the simulator and you shouldn’t have to earn the right to get more things in the simulator.


There’s reasons why the vote amounts are limited. The main reason being that they’re more valuable other than them just a thing to waste. If someone votes, you’re rest assured that they are definitely passionate for the addition of the feature.


I mean just dont make any vote differences for TLs, maybe like 15 for everyone.


Oh, so you believe from TL0 right through to TL3 we should have a set amount of votes that does not change. Correct @StormyAviation?

Yes I do, because we all pay the Same amount for the simulator. Well maybe TL1 since it only takes a couple hours to get to that.

That would mean people can make duplicate accounts and make fake votes for certain votes

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Huh? How would allowing this make people make other accounts.

Okay, so I do see your point here. But at the same time I don’t… Follow the guidelines of the form and you achieve TL3. There you have 20 votes. If you want all to have 15 then it just shows you can’t follow the rules to get a higher TL


Oh I see. You can still make duplicates now, and I said you have to be TL1.

I know but that takes months that you have been paying.

It’s simple. If you want more votes gain a higher TL. Read topics, like, and reply. Show that you are a committed member to this community.

Not really, not everyone pays for a sub, some still vote for features, despite not having a sub.

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The community is a massive part of this game, and the more you contribute to the community, the more you have a sort of ‘ranking’ system. As much as this might sound biased to some, you think the more you contribute, help, and become friends with the community, the more you’ll meet the reality, and the have the idea of what a suited request would be. The more you make part of the community, the more you’ll make it to part of the game. :)

The Infinite Flight Community is currently not intergraded through the Infinite Flight App. Actually, to be a member of this community, you don’t even have to be a user of Infinite Flight. Votes are a privilege - most simulator apps don’t do this. It just goes to show how Infinite Flight listens to their user base


All it is for it to make sure votes are being used correctly and fairly amongst members:)

They could be a regular though and get 20 votes.

Yes, and they have worked hard for that thrust level ;)


True, I am only a member and it took me 1 month and a half.

Dude, It depends on “Trust”. You can’t just completely let someone new into the IFC… so you have to limit them until you have a higher trust level and is more know in the Community. You can’t let a complete stranger in let’s say for ex. your “Aviation Fan Club”!🙃

You don’t really earn the right, you just need to be more active on the IFC