New command to deal with local flights

Hello Infinite Flight Team and everyone out here,

As an avid user of Infinite Flight, I would like to submit a feature request aimed at enhancing communication and efficiency while controlling busy airspace in expert server.

While controlling the busy airspace (on approach frequency), there happens many time we encounter pilots fly from nearby airports (within 10-20nm) and request ATC services or when they depart from hub airport and immediately ask for approach request at same airport. While, we as ATC do our best to accommodate most requests, but, once it reaches a level where its hard to adjust, we ask them to divert to the other nearby airport by using following generic command:

Airport is unable to accept incoming traffic, please divert to a suitable airport

This message works well, but, sometimes pilots get confuse as to why ATC is not accepting them and rather others are getting the service. So, keeping that in mind, I would like you to introduce a new commands under Misc section, which could be something like:

Airport is not accepting local flights, please divert to a suitable airport

I believe that implementing this feature would not help ATC controllers but also improve user engagement within the Infinite Flight.

Thank you.

Voted! Would love to see something like this!

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Voted, nice idea too!

Useful, voted!

It’s great to see lots of useful ATC requests today :)

You have my vote!

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Great idea, voted

or, maybe vice versa?