New command on Unicom

Hello everyone! I’ve got a suggestion about Unicom.
For now, we got “XXX is on final, runway XX”
Why not have “XXX is on long final, runway XX”
“XXX is on Short Final, runway XX”
And giving the altitude on every position.

What do you think?

Feedback much appreciated!


Because “long” and “short” final are not standard ATC phrases. Final is final. At a Unicom airport, it’s an understood rule/fact/generalization that you wouldn’t be on final much longer than 1-2 miles.

Plus, patterns are supposed to be entered at a 45 degree angle, then downwind, base, and finally final. All of this would be transmitted and broadcast to your fellow pilots in the pattern on frequency, which would again negate the need for long or short final calls.

Final, as it stands, suffices.


So my topic is not needed then. Anyone can close this topic.
Thanks for your feedback btw 👍

Interesting enough though, Infinite flight does have a “short final” option, not as a command though.