New Cockpit FMC Idea

I decided to quickly design a FMC concept for the 777 in Infinite Flight. When you click the FMC in the cockpit, either below the throttle quadrant or beside the Captain and FO, it opens up into a larger window, where you can tap the buttons more easily. The FMC could start off being used as fuel, passenger and cargo selectors and then onto engine starters (before working cockpits are added) in a future update. Yes, I could’ve spent more time creating this, (it took only 5 mins) but I think it’s quite an accurate representation.

iPhone Compatibility

A few of you thought that this would be incredibly hard to use on an iPad, let alone an iPhone. Below is an optimized version for the iPhone 7 Plus. The FMC takes up nearly half of the screen space available. Tapping on the FMC screen will bring up the native iOS onscreen keyboard, and tapping the buttons on the FMC will work the same as the keyboard. I will release images for smaller devices, such as the iPhone 5s, hopefully tomorrow.

Ok, so a little earlier than expected, but here are the iPhone 5s screenshots below. The FMC takes up roughly the same amount of screen space as the iPhone 7 Plus version does. The buttons apart of the FMC unit are still usable, but an onscreen keyboard is now automatically displayed when the FMC is opened. You can access the FMC buttons by pressing the keyboard down icon on the bottom right of the keyboard. iPad screenshots will come soon!


Wait did you do this as a working model yet?

That would be far too small to type with on mobile, and even ipad.


This would be very cool if they added fuel burn and engine startups

No, not currently. As I said, it only took me 5 minutes in Photoshop. I could make a working model, except that would take a long time and would have to run in an external server, not IF as I would get banned.


This is a concept, but I see where you’re coming from. Maybe I could add a keyboard option (to type using the onscreen keyboard.) Would you like to see that?

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Yes, definitely. I think that engine controls and more advanced aircraft controls will come after Global. Hopefully :)

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