New Clouds

Hey everyone! As I’m sure almost everyone knows in 21.1, cirrus clouds were added into the game. They said that they are going to add more clouds in the future when they said that. Now, we are almost at the end of 2022, and we have gotten 0 updates on new clouds. I feel that we deserve an update on what is happening, and why it is taking so long for clouds. I don’t want any drama or controversy, I just want answers. Thanks all!


Has something to do with Apple’s app limitations I believe

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what i can tell you is what they said in the discord that they are working on them but i belive they need to wait for project metal

Patience is a virtue. Great features take a lot of time to build, develop, test, etc…

Im sure they are working on it, and when they have something to share, they will.


they are working on it. Part of project metal which an ongoing project will help develop theses new clouds we want so bad

Nothing has been confirmed in regards to new cloud layers coming yet. Be sure to keep an eye on Infinite Flight’s official social media accounts as this is where they announce any information and work in progress shots/information on upcoming updates.

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Maybe one day


Absolutely not.