New Climb/Descent Commands

Hello everyone! Recently I have been watching some ATC videos on YouTube, and I saw something I believe should be a command in Infinite Flight. This command is to request further descent or climb without actually giving a specific altitude. These phrases are commonly used in real life. It would be useful in Infinite Flight for pilots who are unfamiliar with approach or departure procedures for a specific airport but know they need to descend or climb.

Another similar idea, suggested by @FBWFTW, is to include “climb/descend via XXXXX SID/STAR”, as well “Proceed direct to…” as This would again make it more realistic to how approach and departure control works. These features probably should be expert server only, as they can be easily abused by training server pilots and controllers.

Wait… is this a command that pilots can use or ATC can use?


So you just request a climb but don’t request a specific altitude? It would be easier to just stick to departure and request a departure to your destination airport.


For pilots. An example would be “New York Approach, Test Flight 1, requesting further descent.” It doesn’t have much use for climbing, but can be very useful for approach.

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Ah ok. Would be an interesting feature. Nice request!


Going along with this, I feel like some parts of the ATC feel rushed, There seem to be many things that can be added to make it more realistic. Along with this i know there was a thread that addressed this, but on takeoff pilots usually say ready for departure, when they are holding short, and not “takeoff”. Just the tiny things :)


I’d like to see “DIRECT TO XXXXX” as a command as well.


Yes that would be nice. Definitely falls in the same category as this. You should request it!

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Peter, perhaps a more concise topic with “New ATC Commands” would suffice? Including all of these?


And HOPEFULLY in the future on expert:




Given the percentage of pilots who call in at FL390 when they’re 20 NM away, or send “airport in sight” to departure right after takeoff, I think further autonomy to pilots in terms of altitudes and getting specific in terms of SIDs and STARs is probably a few steps off.


Well, maybe like ATIS only for expert? : thinking face :

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Again-this would be for expert, require tutorials etc etc. But you’re correct, sadly it’s treated by some as more of a game.

@tomthetank why a few steps off? Why not put up tutorials for expert mode etc? That could help immeasurably!

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Yeah, Expert seems like a good place for this to start off with, and with tutorials, and rules kept in place, maybe this will be able to come to the Training Server…

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Since it is for training after all-it would be a good way to start to train pilots in appropriate procedures not to mention make it loads easier on ATC having planes flying the appropriate SID/STAR’s they wouldn’t have to worry AS MUCH about separation if speed/altitude restrictions are met.

Yeah, I know currently, whenever i am running Tower on the training server, a BIG problem is spacing with many of the users, and again most of them don`t care and come in landing at 200kts and end up crashing

@FBWFTW I edited the post and title to include your ideas.

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@FBWFTW @Johannes_koelsch
In theory it would be great. But as an IFATC, I know pilots use what they already have incorrectly. There’s no way to force them to use tutorials, and no way to ensure someone follows a SID or STAR. Giving pilots more autonomy is allowing them leeway to interpret/understand commands incorrectly. It’ll be more of a headache guessing what everyone is going to do.


@tomthetank this is why I said it should only be on expert

Thanks @PeterCLE i appreciate that very much!

I’ve been seeing a lot of feature requests and often times, many aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive of some others. For instance I recently took a bunch of threads and then posted them as one topic in my “Flight Director” feature request.

I agree in principle, but in practice, I think expert should absolutely be tightened up as it were. I’ve been controlling KLAX on TS and had winds 250/10 and people still insisted on landing on the 06/07’s