New Chitose Airport

Could someone explain me why this airport runways are orange !


Maybe for better visibility?

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When it snows, you can see the markings better. It always snows a lot in Hokkaido in the winter.


Probably they use LED lights to melt the snow as well! Haha!


It’s the same in Oslo

LED won’t give off heat. Or way less than normal halogen,xenon, etc

Hahaha that’s exactly my point lol

I remember some news saying that the snow doesn’t melt due to Japan using LED for its lights everywhere

So it’s 100% sarcasm :P

Since I’m editing airports in Japan, I’ve seen this with many airports (New Chitose is my next project) and I believe @Narroc_Wim’s answer is legitimate enough :)

Will you have the yellow markings on the runway?

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The software we use has no such option :/

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If I’m not wrong there is one @JFKPlaneSpotter

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There is? Let me check :)

I’ll tell you on slack

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