New Charlotte Airport Concourse

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is undergoing a massive makeover now and in the future. This makeover icludes a new tower, new concourse A, and many other things. I am suggesting to update concourse A to the new one. Here is a picture below outlining the new expansion.

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Looks like a good project for a great airport (always enjoy visits to CLT). However, if you are asking the airport additions and upgrades be made in IF, from what I have seen the FDS / airport editors wait until projects are done. This is the case for EGLL as well as it is preparing a massive upgrade (addition of 3rd runway) in the future.

This is correct. Until satellite imagery updates showing the new concourse area, we cannot edit the changes. As soon as it does update though, we will be sure to make the changes appropriately.


I recently passed through CLT. Although I didn’t go to Concourse A, I did go into Concourse B, and you can see lots of construction going on.

I did only show a little bit of the construction in my trip report here:

You can skip to 25:30 to see our plane dock and the inside of CLT

Nope, this has something do with Infinite Flight, even though it also ties in to RWA. The author is just requesting for it to be in Infinite Flight.

Must’ve missed that… oops

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