New Channel Trailer Music Suggestions?

Hey people!

I’d like to make a new channel trailer for my YT channel subscribe by the way ;) but I don’t know what song I should use. “Fly Away (Mendum Remix)” would be good, but I think it’s just a tad generic.

Here’s my old channel trailer:

If you know any good songs, please let me know.

I want it to be full of hype but not over-hyped, and it should have either no lyrics or lyrics that aren’t emo or anything like that.


also if this is in the wrong category, my deepest apologies; I’ll move it if needed.


Hello there! I have 3 song suggestions with amazing beats!

  1. Can We Kiss Forever?
  2. Get You The Moon
  3. Falling Apart-Micheal Schlute
  4. Man in the Mirror

would be cool if you did the Soviet anthem 😂!

I was gonna say highway to the danger zone but it has lyrics

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Hey. This is the type of thing you can pick yourself as it isn’t related directly to Infinite Flight or RWA 🙂