New Changes to the Events Category

Hi friends. As of recent, a few minor changes have been made to the Events category in an effort to make events more accessible, and organized. You can find these new changes here in the main events category topic page.


  • Lowered Trust Level Requirment for Events
    We have lowered the minimum requirement to create an event from trust level 2, to trust level 1. This allows for a wider pool of users to engage here on the forum by creating an event.

  • Addition of va-event Tag for Events
    We have incorporated a new tag that helps organize VA related events here on the forum.

We look forward to seeing your events!


Sounds cool. Can’t wait to see what newer users bring forward as events.

This is cool! This will help users find our new events, coming soon!

TheBest | CEO VistaJet Virtual

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Great change! Hope to see good and proper use by the new users!