New Challenge - Fuel Remaining

My new challenge to myself and to others is trying to manage fuel used/remain.

I was way off on this flight, but I managed to remember a fuel dump so I didn’t exceed MLW.

You guys have any weird accomplishments you try to take on?


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Trying not to break the plane is the biggest challenge for everyone now atm lol
Airlines will fire you asap if you break it

In this game there is nothing strange that I already tried to conquer, I try to leave the game as real as possible and every flight that I make the fuel is very well calculated and I never had this fuel problem, and another thing I noticed is the your speed at the limit, no wonder your fuel ends before the destination, I’ve never seen someone fly with speed up to the limit, careful not to be ghosted and come and complain later.

No reports, I watched it. Being a novice I cannot be as real as the real thing. The fuel didn’t run out, I dumped it to make MLW. I’m interested in fuel calcs though if you have time.

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I succeeded at my goal which is to do a <1 min flight with max fuel and land with MLW without crashing!

Lol yea I’m sure you did. I’m not knowledgeable about alot of the variables and trying to learn more

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