New Category

It would be called;
It would contain pinned/wiki/tutorial info for those pilots needing to resolve issues with IFATC.
There seems to be more than enough postings every day to warrant the creation of a dedicated category.

Hey there mate, change this to General!
Good day.

The pinned material should be in #meta, #atc, or maybe #support as all issues should be taken up via PM with the controller

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I don’t think so, #meta has everything to do with the forum


Sounds like an interesting idea…not sure… because many people when ghosted they come on the community and try and act like they didn’t do anything wrong and have a little aggression… and sometimes people try make the controllers look bad… Get’s heated

That’s why we encourage taking it to a pm. Keeps things tidy and more likely to get your issues resolved without having random people butting in


Even so, is the same.

These are the guidelines

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There’s already a pinned message to people appealing for ghosts, they don’t have to create a topic, they just have to PM the controller as the situation has nothing to do with other community members.

And as for violations, they would PM a moderator if it’s the system’s fault, but if not, violations can’t be removed.


There many pilots that are TL0 and unable to PM their controllers, something like this would be helpful

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Maybe not an entire new category, but the forum welcome message, as well as the topic I linked, details how to get in contact with controllers

If a new user is willing to spend a little time reading, posting, and liking, they will quickly be promoted to the first trust level. TL1 users can flag posts and send private messages (PM).

In that case the controller would be notified via PM by some other community members and he would take care of the situation.

New members always tend to post ghosting issues in #atc

And also if a moderator sees the new member trying to appeal the ghost he might manually promote him to TL1 so he could PM and solve the situation.

He makes a fair point that this is a issue. Because some people may fly but not be on IFC. Obviously you could set up other things besides a category. But this is definitely something to be addressed great idea!

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