New Category - Screenshots and Videos

Screenshots and Videos!

Shiny new category time once again! This time we really listened to you. So, welcome to our newest forum category, #Screenshots-and-Videos. This category is pretty obvious as to its purpose, but for those still in the unknown, it is designed to be a place that you put all your shots and videos that you have taken or created from the Infinite Flight simulator!

Photo Threads

This, of course, means an end to photo and video threads. From now on, each set of photos must have its own thread. This is much like in #real-world-aviation:spotting. You can find the rules of this new category at the top of it as a pinned thread. You can also find it below:


Oh so that would explain why the Photos thread got closed.

A mod can close the topic I literally just made now.


That’s fantastic news! First the #live:groupflights category and now the #Screenshots-and-Videos!


Eyyyyyyyy! Now this is my new home! 👍🏻😁😁😁


I am really liking the expansion of threads in the community. I think this thread would be very successful like the other threads.


Awesome thank you very Much. The community just keeps getting better and better 😆👨‍✈️

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Thank you so much, MishaCamp!

I’m denied access😕

How so? Can you send a screen-shot?

That is a great category to add for the forum! Good job to the IF team!

I just reloaded the page and it gave access😁


Mmm…new category. Can’t wait to try it out. Thank you for listening to our requests. Is there any possibility to add a link from the previous [Best Infinite Flight Photos Thread] to the pinned topic or move them to the #screenshots-and-videos category so new and old members can find them easily if they want? You guys are doing great, keep up the hard work!


I personally enjoyed scrolling through the best IF photos thread. Now you’ve gotta go back into the category and click on a new topic. I don’t think it’s neccessary at all to have a topic for every screenshot or screenshot bunch you take.

Just my clearly unpopular opinion 🤷‍♂️


I gave Misha a Pm about the best photos, and he said “something new is coming soon!”, so I guess this is it😁😂

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Yeah I’m the same I agree


If I could retweet something here, I’d retweet this.


Right now we added the category as a basic minimum. From there we assess its use and adjust if needed. If it goes well I am already considering adding a voting function so the best pop to the top.


Oh man! I have a couple hundreds of my best undisclosed IF pictures that will fit right in! (which i’ll leave you the judgement of defining good or horrible).
I keep an average of 5% of the pics I take in IF and edit these to use their full potential. Can’t wait to share those with you guys and get your feedback!

Thanks @MishaCamp!


I’m pretty sure tagging staff isn’t recommended? I’ll let it pass here though😉

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