New Category - Group Flights


Didn’t even think this would be added XD

But this would be very useful for Infinite Flight :D


Awesome! I look forward to joining more group flight in the near future.


Sorry, i may of missed it but how does this differ from #live:events


That is definitely a good & legit question.

This opens up for more spontaneity. You feel like doing a flight in say like 30mins with a few random people you’ve never chatted with before? Cool, just drop a topic in #live:groupflights
Some people just want to do a short flight with others, without too much hassle & planning. This gives them the opportunity to do so :)


Thanks for that.

I’m sure @Goran12 will love this.


#live:events = “Hey I am going to schedule an event in the future where you reserve a spot”

#live:groupflights = “Anyone want to fly with me really quick? Taking off soon.”


There is a section in the pinned post in the category. You can use that for future reference!


Looks great! New topic to community


Awesome Cant wait to do group flight with other community members


Nice! Will be fun to organize some small group flights with community members :)